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Stories from the Centres

Community Centres  - The Digital Stories

Over a period of twelve months (2014 to 2015) the Open Doors Project worked with Curiosity Creative to promote the concept of digital story telling as a community development tool.  Three groups across two centres engaged in the workshops along with one group of workers from across the sector.  In all 20 stories were recorded by the individuals.  The stories reflect the rich diversity of experiences and the importance of shared assets within the community. 

We showed the stories at an event in October 2015 and the feedback was great.

"They were inspiring and challenging.  How people stick in there and dare to believe."  "Glad that places like this exist.  Everyone has something to give/share." 

"They were inspirational and heartfelt and portrayed what community centres mean to people." 

"Observing the footage has encouraged me and given me the confidence to pursue a variety of ideas."

"I intend to enhance my skills set and ensure that our centre expands and is an even better asset for the community."

What a great tool to promote the ethos of community and community centres. 

See a selection of the stories here.