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National Organisations

National Organisations that can provide information and advice include:

Charity Commission

The Charity Commission is the independent Government department which registers and regulates charities in England and Wales.  The role of the Commission is to ensure that the public can support charities with confidence.  Their aims are to make sure that:

  • Charities know what they have to do

  • The public knows what charities do

  • Charities are held to account 

As well as updating your annual returns on line (if you are a registered charity) there is also a lot of helpful information on the website.  This includes information on:

  • Setting up a charity

  • As your Charity Grows

  • Guidance for Trustees, staff and volunteers

  • Running a Charity

    • Managing your charity

    • Money and accounts

    • Fund raising

    • Your charity’s work



Locality is the UK’s leading network of development trusts, community enterprises, settlements and social action centres. Helping people to set up and lead organisations and to work effectively through peer-to-peer exchange of knowledge and best practice on a range of topics. 

The Asset Transfer Unit is part of Locality and it promotes and supports community asset transfer.  There is range of information and publications available from the website.

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Community Matters

The national federation for community organisations, with over 65 years expertise in the community sector and representing one of the largest networks of community organisations and those that support their work.

Provides support through a wealth of on-line resources, tools and resources.

Membership for community organisations and social enterprises with annual income of £15,000 or less costs £10 and this provides unlimited access to all online resources.

Community Matters also provides a quality assurance scheme for community buildings at two different levels called Pre-Visible and Visible.



Part of NCVO – National Council for Voluntary Organisations

From the website:  The place for non profit people to learn and share what they have learnt with others.  Whether you work in a large charity, care setting up your own social enterprise or are helping out your local community group, this site is for you.  Whatever your organisation or role within it if you want to update your skills or to talk to others in similar situations, you’ve come to the right place.  Website Pages include:

  • The Basics

  • Your and Your Team

  • Your Organisation

  • Funding and Income

  • Campaigning and Awareness

  • Leadership


Ethical Property Foundation

Have a property advice service, consultancy and training and a range of on-line information, including:

  • Who’s who in the property world

  • Jargon buster

  • Legal considerations

  • Financing your project

  • Accessing professional support

  • Repairs and maintenance

  • Health and safety

  • Environment

  • Accessibility