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Asset Transfer

Asset Transfer Support

The Open Doors Consortium was the Ouseburn Trust, Locality, Boxx Consultants, Newcastle CVS and Sustainable Enterprise Solutions (SES).  (See Resources pages for more info)

The Consortium supported community based organizations in Newcastle through the process of asset transfer from August 2013 to November 2015.  

The support included:

  • Workshops

  • Undertaking an asset transfer diagnostic questionnaire with committees

  • Initial property surveys and lease assessment

  • Action and development planning

  • Dedicated support from a lead worker for some committees

Our activities focused on three key areas:

  • Governance – with a focus on incorporation

  • Buildings and Property Management

  • Activities and Finance

Documents that might be of interest:

The diagnostic questionnaires used to assess the asset transfer readiness of individual organisation's can be found here - governance, the building and activities/finance.  They are a useful checklist to assess an organisations capacity to undertake an asset transfer.  They were used to help committees understand whether they were entering into something that would prove to be an asset or a liability for them.  The assessments also provided a useful starting point for a development plan.

Download powerpoints from the workshops:

A step by step guide to incorporation 2014

Financially future proofing your community centre 2014

Heads of Terms Workshop 2014

Making the building work for you 2014