Supporting local people to manage successful community buildings

Opening Doors to new opportunities and a sustainable future

The Open Doors Project has now come to an end but the resources are still available


Open Doors was a project of the Ouseburn Trust which ran from 2012 to 2016. It worked with community buildings across Newcastle upon Tyne supporting management committees and volunteers to run successful and sustainable centres for local communities. 

The project was first established in 2011 by a network of community organisations in the East End of Newcastle and it continued to work in partnership to deliver a range of activities.  The aim was to empower local people to take control and manage their own resources and to maximise opportunities for groups and individuals to increase levels of personal involvement and engagement in their own community.

The resources and tools that were developed by the project are available on this website for your use.  The content may become out of date, however they will continue to provide useful checklists and ideas about the management of community buildings.

The Ouseburn Trust was established as a charity in 1996 to protect the heritage and promote the regeneration of the Lower Ouseburn Valley.  We achieve this through our role as a landlord, our work with volunteers and our unique heritage programme.  Based in the unique environment that is the Ouseburn Valley and with a wide experience of community development and property management the Ouseburn Trust extended its support to local community centres across Newcastle upon Tyne through the Open Doors Project. 

For more information about the Ouseburn Trust please visit our website.